The following projects are currently underway:


Title Lead
Contextual (Neighbourhood & Family) Effects on Child Mental Health Michael Boyle
Child health disparities: the role of migrant background and race/ethnicity Kathy Georgiades
OCHS Checklist Measurement Development, Service Use, Service Targeting & Resource Allocation Laura Duncan
Effects of Socio-Economic Determinants (Income, Social Assistance, Housing) & Comparisons with 1983 Jinette Comeau
Multilevel SEM with OCHS data, Health Service Efficiency, MOHLTC Admin Data Linkage Projects Li Wang
Parenting and dimensions of psychopathology in children and adolescents Madison Aitken
The relationship between child maltreatment and at‐risk sexual behaviours and dating violence in adolescence. Tracie Afifi
Suicide contagion in the Ontario Child Health Study Ian Colman
Sleep disturbances in adolescents who report disordered eating behaviours Francesca Solmi
Disparities in eating disorder behaviours and treatment among youth: examining the role of income and ethnicity Claire De Oliveira
Measurement Invariance of the OCHS‐S Scales Across Parent and Youth Report Melanie Dirks
Links between Cyber‐, Bias‐Based, and Traditional Victimization and Mental Health in a Representative Sample of Adolescents Melanie Dirks
Major Depression and Interpersonal Functioning in a Representative Sample of Adolescents: Do Associations Vary as a Function of Co‐Morbid Anxiety? Melanie Dirks
Intergenerational Transmission of Parental Childhood Maltreatment: Implications for Parenting and Offspring Outcomes Andrea Gonzalez
Comorbidity of Physical and Mental Health Problems in Children: An Epidemiological Study Mark Ferro
Cyberbullying Victimization, Suicidal Ideation and Major Depressive Disorder in Adolescents Soyeon Kim
The role of sleep quality and physical activity in the association between screen time and mental health problems in adolescents Soyeon Kim
Child Maltreatment and Eating Disorders: Considerations of Measurement, Contextual Influences, and Intersections Melissa Kimber
The Interplay Between Aggression and Suicide among Youth. Ian Manion
Bias based bullying and mental health: The moderating role of contextual factors Alexa Martin-Storey
Sexual minority youth and service usage outcomes Alexa Martin-Storey
Predictors of accessing health and mental health services Graham Reid
Child sexual abuse and suicidal behaviour– Towards a better understanding in boys and girls. Anne Rhodes
Perinatal Adversity and Psychopathology in Youth Ryan Van Lieshout

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