The 2014 Ontario Child Health Study Emotional Behavioural Scales (OCHS-EBS) is a 52-item parent and youth-reported checklist that provides valid and reliable dimensional and categorical measurement of 7 DSM-5 disorders (attention deficit hyperactivity, oppositional defiant, conduct, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, major depressive and social phobia disorders).


The checklists can be downloaded here:

If you are thinking about using these tools, please get in touch with us (duncanlj@mcmaster.ca).


Two Canadian Journal of Psychiatry papers documenting the psychometric properties of the OCHS-EBS can be accessed below or downloaded:

An Excel scoring tool is available that produce population normed T-scores based on children and youth in the Ontario general population. Please contact duncanlj@mcmaster.ca to access the scoring tool.

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