Primary Research Team


The Primary Research Team is based at the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Dr. Michael Boyle and Dr. Kathy Georgiades compiled a large team of experts in child and youth mental health, child development, epidemiology and knowledge-translation.


Dr. Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle is Principal Investigator on the 2014 OCHS. He is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University, a Core Member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies and held the Canada Research Chair in the Social Determinants of Child Health. Dr. Boyle’s research interests focus on the determinants of child health, particularly the relationship between neighbourhood, family and individual-level characteristics, the classification and measurement of childhood psychopathology, research study design and statistical analysis. More information about Dr. Boyle can be found here


Dr. Kathy Georgiades

Kathy Georgiades is Co-Principal Investigator of the 2014 OCHS. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University and a Core Member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies.  Dr. Georgiades research interests focus on quantifying the relative impact of ecological contexts on developmental outcomes, disaggregating the influences of socio-economic characteristics and modeling the extent to which ecological contexts may influence immigrant and non-immigrant children differently. More information about Dr. Georgiades can be found here.


Dr. Laura Duncan

Laura Duncan has a PhD in Health Research Methodology and is a Research Coordinator for the Ontario Child Health Study at the Offord Centre for Child Studies and an Assistant Professor (Part Time) in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact. She completed an MA in Sociology at McMaster University and worked as an Analyst for Statistics Canada before joining the Offord Centre for Child Studies. She works in the area of psychiatric epidemiology and her research focuses on the measurement and assessment of child and youth mental health, and child mental health service use, targeting and resource allocation. If you have any questions about the study or its implementation, you can reach Laura at


Dr. Li Wang

Li Wang has a PhD in Health Research Methodology and is the Statistical Analyst for the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study at McMaster University. She completed an M.Sc. in Statistics and also works as an Analyst at the Statistics Canada Research Data Centre. Li has vast analytical expertise and experience with many population and administrative datasets and with a wide range of statistical software.


Past Team Members:


Alphabetical List of Co-Investigators

Name Affiliation Study Expertise
Dr. Tracie Afifi University of Manitoba Child maltreatment

Family violence

Dr. William R. Avison Western University Impact of socio-economic disadvantage on mental health of families and children
Dr. Kathryn Bennett McMaster University Knowledge translation
Knowledge synthesis
Dr. Terry Bennett McMaster University Child-, family- and social factors in child development

Autism spectrum disorder

Dr. Khrista Boylan McMaster University Adolescent depression

Anger and irritability

Dr. Michelle Butt McMaster University Long-term developmental outcomes
Chronic illness and quality of care
Dr. John Cairney McMaster University & University of Toronto Epidemiology of mental health over the lifespan
Role of physical activity on health and quality of life of children with chronic disease
Dr. Corine Carlisle Centre for Addiction and Mental Health & University of Toronto Health services utilization
Youth with complex mental health difficulties and their families
Dr. Kristin Cleverley Centre for Addiction and Mental Health & University of Toronto Transitions from child to adult mental health services aged youth

Child and youth development

Dr. Ian Colman University of Ottawa Psychiatric epidemiology

Longitudinal and life-course processes surrounding depression and anxiety

Dr. Charles Cunningham McMaster University Disruptive behavior disorders
Bullying prevention
Dr. Scott Davies University of Toronto Determinants of educational achievement
School sub-cultures
Dr. Claire de Oliveira Centre for Addiction and Mental Health & University of Toronto Health economics
Mental health service use and expenditure
Dr. Melanie Dirks McGill University Youth social competence psychopathology
Dr. Eric Duku McMaster University Cross-cultural validation of instruments
Early child development
Dr. Jim Dunn McMaster University Inequities in health in urban areas
Socioeconomic inequities
Dr. Mark Ferro University of Waterloo Children with chronic illness
Health-related and quality of life trajectories
Dr. Stelios Georgiades McMaster University Autism Spectrum Disorders
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Dr. Andrea Gonzalez McMaster University Early adversity
Biological, neuropsychological and social cognitive factors influencing child outcomes
Dr. Geoffrey Hall McMaster University Neurological foundations of emotion and cognition
Dr. Joanna Henderson Centre for Addiction and Mental Health & University of Toronto Substance use
Access to care
Dr. Magdalena Janus McMaster University Development of school-based instruments
Instrument validity
Dr. Jennifer Jenkins University of Toronto Social and emotional development
Family interaction
Dr. Ellen Lipman McMaster University Single-parent families
Child and adolescent psychiatry
Dr. Harriet MacMillan McMaster University Child maltreatment
Intimate partner violence
Dr. Ian Manion The Royal, Institute of Mental Health Research, University of Ottawa Cross-sectorial research
Youth depression and suicide
Dr. John Mclennan University of Calgary Children’s health service use and intervention access
Dr. Amelie Petitclerc Northwestern University Disruptive behavioral disorders
Casual pathways of services and policies in children’s development 
Dr. Anne Rhodes Institute Clinical Evaluative Sciences, University of Toronto Youth suicide

Patterns of health service use

Dr. Graham Reid Western University Children’s sleep patterns and their impact on psychosocial health outcomes

Access to mental health care

Dr. Peter Rosenbaum McMaster University Childhood disability
Dr. Roberto Sassi McMaster University Mood disorders in children and adolescents

Multigenerational transmission of psychopathology risk

Dr. Louis Schmidt McMaster University Emotional regulation and behaviour

Developmental psychopathology

Cody A. Shepherd Simon Fraser University Public policy
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dr. Noam Soreni McMaster University Screening and assessment procedures
Anxiety disorders
Dr. Peter Szatmari Centre for Addiction and Mental Health & University of Toronto Autism Spectrum Disorders
Developmental course of psychopathology
Dr. Brian Timmons McMaster University Exercise and nutrition

Child growth and development

Dr. Juliana Tobon McMaster University Continuity of care in children’s mental health
Dr. Ryan Van Lieshout McMaster University Pre-natal maternal health and mental health in offspring

Mental health diagnosis & treatment during pregnancy

Dr. Charlotte Waddell Simon Fraser University Children’s mental health outcomes and policy

Reducing mental health disparities

Dr. Christine Werkerle McMaster University Prevention of family violence
Resilience of maltreated children

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