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The School Mental Health Surveys project is a study of student mental health and the school environment! It is part of the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study and will help to create a complete picture of the mental health of our children and youth. It will help Ontario make funding decisions that affect families, schools and neighbourhoods.

What is happening now?

Data collection has finished for the School Mental Health Surveys.  248 schools completed the surveys between December 2014 and June 2015. After scanning, inputting, and cleaning all the data, we are analyzing all the data we have received. Our team has provided school-specific reports to all the schools that participated in the study. The next steps are preparing provincial reports that will be shared with our stakeholders and collaborators, and working on academic papers for publication. Additional findings will be posted here when available.


First provincial SMHS report released!

We have just completed our first Provincial Report, summarizing select findings across all participating schools in Ontario.  We include results on students’ self-perceptions of mental health difficulties, the use of mental health services, and perspectives on accessing help.  We also include teacher and principal perspectives on barriers to addressing student mental health.

This report is available HERE.  We hope to release more reports on other themes in the future!




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